Giving back with OneChalé

After 5 years selling and delivering Chalé Socks all around the world, our hearts have been warmed by the smiles our products bring to your beautiful faces, and the pleasant reviews you have given us. This is what has kept us going!

We have been reflecting on the impact our brand is having on society.

It is our desire to keep spreading joy, happiness, and eliciting genuine smiles as we distribute our neatly-designed socks and products. At 5, we want to go an extra mile with OneChalé.

OneChalé is inspired by our own lived-experience as children growing up in the rural parts of Ghana, in a town called: Agotime Kpetoe.

My brother Mawunyo and I (Kudjo), the founders of Chalé Socks, experienced many hardships firsthand. As children, we performed everyday activities barefooted; we trekked long miles in search of water, barefooted; we walked to school without shoes, often pressing our feet on hot ground, on mud and sometimes on sharp objects. The gift of a pair of shoes, made a lot of difference.

We have exciting memories of when we received gifts such as crayons, drawing books, and (occasionally) shoes, from benevolent individuals and organizations through our local church, and can vividly recollect the positive impact it made on our childhood.

Now as ambitious entrepreneurs reflecting back on those hard times, we would like to use our enterprise and through OneChalé, give pairs of shoes to children in dire need of it. OneChalé would succeed only when you, our ever dear customers, support it, by either continuously patronizing our products or donating directly. The Ewes in Ghana say: “Nuvi na la, menye dzo duametor o” this saying could be translated as: “even the one who gives the smallest of gifts must be recognized and appreciated”.

How it works?

This is a pretty simple buy one-give-one concept. For every product you buy at Chalé Socks, we will give a pair of custom-made shoes to a child who needs one in a rural town in Ghana. We will keep up until we’ve reached our goal of giving out One Million shoes.

From our experience, we know that it’s the little things, the small acts of kindness that make all the difference.

With your help, we can begin the OneChalé community engagement. Together, we can put smiles on the faces of children. After all, we all be one, Chalé.

How can you support?

Simply by purchasing any of our products or donating directly to OneChalé.

Individuals or corporation who would like to collaborate on the OneChalé project should contact us via email: or call +233 302906839


+233 302 906 839

Yes, we ship to United States (US)!