Chalé is the most popular Ghanaian icebreaker. On the surface, Chalé means buddy or friend. You would greet and address an old friend as ‘Chalé!’ You would also call a new friend ‘Chalé!’ Its origin stems from ‘Chalé Wote’ a Ga word meaning “Chalé lets go!” — the flip-flops you wear inside the house or outside for a stroll.

Chalé Socks is a Ghanaian brand offering culturally inspired socks, telling stories of strong African heritage. We make socks for people who not only choose to walk or run their own path but are also willing to ensure others have the opportunity to do the same. The story of Chalé Socks is woven together with the Kente weaving people of Agotime Kpetoe. Growing up, we observed craftsmen and women weave intricate Kente patterns from methods passed down by their forefathers.

Absorbed into the cultural symbolism, the patterns, the colours, and the ever so thoughtful design process. This is where the story began, the story continues with Chalé Socks. As we are Inspired by the creative exploits of the people of Agotime-Kpetoe, we are equally moved by the stories and struggles of the community and others alike.

We believe creativity comes with responsibility, paramount is the well-being of children living in deprived communities. Our socks are made to foster friendship, community building, and a responsible attitude towards humanity. With OneChalé, we commit to give a pair of shoes (Chalé Shoes) to an underprivileged child, for every pair of Chalé Socks purchased.

Join our cause, we are all OneChalé! Our goal is to generate 1,000,000 smiles by ensuring every purchase goes to support a needy child.